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23rd March 2019 
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David Blass PhD, Dip Analyt Psych



Many people experience psychological distress during their lives. Sometimes this due to a difficult or traumatic childhood, trauma in later life or the difficulties and pressures of everyday living.

The Jungian approach can be very helpful in the treatment of anxiety, depression, inferiority feelings and relationship difficulties. It can also help those who have trouble with work or motivation, or who are finding that their life has lost its meaning or vitality. It can help us to connect with the deeper parts of our nature - often obscured or sidelined among the stresses and anxieties of our life.

The therapeutic process involves bringing to consciousness the unconscious aspects of a person’s problems. One of the main ways of doing this by is the analysis of dreams, and the use of creative imagination and visualisation.

As in any form of psychotherapy, it is also important to look at the story of a person's life, and how this affects their relationship with their sexuality, partners, work and leisure. In addition to this, for some people, a spiritual or religious dimension comes into the picture as well.

Helping a person explore their inner issues needs to be done in a compassionate and sympathetic way. The individual remains of foremost importance: they are a person and not a case.

My work is based on the methods and insights of the psychologist CG Jung.

I have a diploma in analytical psychology from the Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists and I am a member of the International Association of Analytical Psychologists as well as the Guild for Analytical Psychology and Spirituality. I am registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.
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